Course:             History, Grade 8

Teacher:            De Simone

Due Date:          Friday, March 23, 2018


Assignment:  Canadian Confederation Project


This project will consist of 6 major components, and you are expected to follow the outline as provided.  Most of the research will come directly from your history textbook –  Canada Revisited 8.  You may be required to use the internet/library for other areas of the project.  A checklist found at the end of this document will be used to assess the project.

·        The project must be typed (word processor) and printed – Times Roman or Arial 12 font, on standard letter size paper (8 ½ x 11).  Computer lab time will be provided to complete the entire project.  Use your time and resources wisely.

·        Each section must be appropriately labelled with headings and sub-headings (if necessary). Headings should be bolded and underlined.  You might also want to use an enlarged font size to show emphasis of the heading.

·        Each section must include appropriate pictures or graphics (must be labelled) to go along with the information. 

·        You must NOT copy directly from the textbook.  All information must be put in your own words.


Title/Cover Page

Your title page should include an appropriate picture/graphic.  It should also contain the following information (bottom right corner):

Title:                       Canadian Confederation

Submitted to:         Mr. De Simone

Submitted by:             (your name)

Due Date:                Friday, March 23, 2018

School:                   St. Lucy Catholic School

Subject:                  Grade 8 History


Section 1:  Reasons for Confederation

This section of your project will outline the six reasons for Confederation. These can be found in Chapter 4 of your textbook.


Section 2:  Key Personality

In this section, you will chose one important person that has some involvement in Confederation.  The textbook has various personalities in it.  You may have to use other resources to expand on the information from the text.  Appropriate people would include those people that you see on pages 125-127 in your textbook. 


Once you have chosen a personality, you must include appropriate pictures/ graphics and answer the following questions about the individual: 

·        Who was he? 

·        What is his personal history? 

·        What is his political history? 

·        What important role did he play in Confederation?


Section 3:  Key Events

This section of your project will outline the key events that led to Confederation.  These can be found in Chapter 5 of your textbook. 


Section 4:  Maps of Canada in 1867 and Today

You are required to make two maps of Canada – one from 1867 to show what Canada looked like at the time of Confederation, and one from today to show what Canada looks like today.  You will find these maps inside the back cover of your textbook.  Your maps must have a title, legend, and be coloured and labelled appropriately.


Section 5:  Names and Dates of Canada’s Provinces

In this section, you will list all of Canada’s provinces and territories, and the date that they joined in Confederation.  Appropriate graphics and pictures should be included.


Section 6:  References

This is the section where you must outline where you took your information from – that is what resources you used (books, websites, etc.).  You will get a separate handout in class that outlines the appropriate way to complete a bibliography.

Canadian Confederation Project Checklist


Name:  ________________________________________


Title Page


            Submitted to & by







Map of Canada, 1867









Reasons for Confederation

            Reason 1

            Reason 2

            Reason 3

            Reason 4

            Reason 5

            Reason 6





Map of Canada, Today









Key Personalities

            Who was he?

            Personal History

            Political History

            Role in Confederation





Names and Dates

     of Canada’s Provinces

            Nova Scotia

            New Brunswick




            Northwest Territories

            British Columbia

            Prince Edward Island










Key Events

            Charlottetown Conference

            Quebec Conference

            London Conference       





Reference Page

(Bibliography & Website References)

            Proper format used


            Proper indentation






Word Processing Used